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About Us

Forex Ministry specialises in training individuals to better understand how market prices move.  The training programmes are designed to teach you both the basics and advance techniques of technical analysis to assist you in taking a trade based on evidence. 


What sets us apart, is our approach to risk management.  We believe it is better to wait for a good trade setup rather than risk capital based on weak signals. You will learn to identify good trade setups and enter trades based on the balance of probability to protect against potentially adverse price movements.  Of course, you’re not going to get every trade right, so it is reassuring to know that the courses cover risk and money management  strategies to help you preserve capital.


Why do we emphasis on risk management so much? It is because trading carries high risk, and you should acknowledge all your capital is at risk of loss. So it is important to recognise the importance of learning to make sensible trades for capital preservation.


Our aim is to teach you how to be a rational and objective trader, lean to weight the evidence and above all be a sensible trader.

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About Our Instructors.

Our Instructors are successful professional Traders. They trade everyday as their primary job. They are involved with the FOREX Industry both Academically and Professionally. Who else is better placed to teach you?

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